Fun with Speckles!


The holiday yesterday gave me a chance to experiment with dyeing. I was torn between doing some rich tonals (came later in the day) and playing around with painting and speckling – I chose to go with speckles first.

I had been itching to try a new method of speckling I’d read about over at Indigo Kitty Knits. Up to this point I’d used a couple different methods, from sprinkling from the dye scoop or from a large spoon to spattering the yarn but I never got the effect I’d hoped for. Until yesterday. Thanks so much to Indigo Kitty Knits and her suggestion of using a plastic salt shaker with a mix of dyes and salt. The results were fantastic!



I think next time instead of painting the yarn with syringes first and then speckling, I’ll try an all speckling adventure to see what I get! I think this one will be called Chaotic Rainbow 🙂 Will be hard not to snag this and knit it up myself!


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